English poetry

07. 08. 2008 | † 23. 06. 2009 | kód autora: uHi

English is very amazing and beautiful language, isn't it?

I'm dreaming my dreams about you,
I dream all about but I can not do.
I'm missing you in sences of me,
there's only fear and allways will be.

I can't see you, there's a great distance
I love and hate you, so how call this sence?
Maybe one day I'll be there with you,
might I'll be so stronger. Who can tell me true?

Tears from my hearth are falling to dark
in head only big pain, in ears a wolf bark.
In light of moon I fly like a bat.
I'm shadow of a sun, on road your black cat.

I know all good will change to bad,
all your smiles will change to sad.
I hope we'll be there more time together
but now I see darkness, see of graves forever.

On the stone wich include your name
I will fall down and flare up in flame.
Al nice words that you've over said
were a dull lies, you've made me mad

turning around a flower from steel
I deny your life, I forgot to feel.
Who will say me what heaven really is?
Our happines? Maybe your kiss?

My body will be layed by your one,
this black point in your hand is our sun.
It's frozen and heavy, no librety, no freedom.
Why all our stars have been gone?

I will never be with you, your hands, your smile,
God, please, retur it, for a while!
But now, I'm standing on a bridge with pain,
I want fly like butterly, like a plane.

Then only cold...
... only death

** Omlouvám se za případné chyby... Za upozornění předem děkuji... **

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